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Club Policy

Welcome to Gulph Mills!

We hope you enjoy your time at the club, whether it’s for lunch, dinner, a special event, to play golf, or all of the above.
Gulph Mills is a private club that respects and upholds traditional values centered around friendship, camaraderie, and an appreciation of the game of Golf.  Our goal is to make the experience of members and guests alike as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible. 

Club Policies

  • When you arrive at GMGC feel free to drop your clubs off at the breezeway entrance prior to parking.  Someone from the pro shop will gladly assist you with your bag.
  • Collared shirts are required and we ask that you remove your hat when you are inside any of the buildings or on the porch.  Shorts are permitted at any time, but we ask that they be golf shorts (just above the knee).
  • Gulph Mills is a walking-first course with a caddie program that the club is committed to supporting.  With that in mind, please remove any unnecessary items from your bag before you tee off.
  • All rounds at Gulph Mills are expected to be played in four hours or less.  Please do your part to make sure your group meets this expectation.
  • Cell phone usage is permitted only in the parking lot, except for medical emergencies.


The use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Club property, including the golf course. The only exceptions are within the telephone booth located next to the elevator on the Club Room level, inside parked cars, and calls to emergency first responders.

The use of an electronic device solely as a camera is permitted on the golf course and the practice facilities for training purposes and personal use only. Photography for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without permission.

Except as expressly permitted above, all mobile phones and electronic devices must always be concealed from view. Use of larger technology devices such as laptops and tablets are strictly prohibited. All electronic devices, including smart watches, must be in silent mode, used discretely and respectfully of other members and their guests.

It is the responsibility of every member to inform their guests of these policies and ensure their compliance. Violations of these policies by guests are strict liability of the sponsoring member. 



Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the clubhouse, under the covered porch and adjacent terrace areas.



With the exception of therapy or other service animals, pets are not allowed on the property during the normal golf season (April 1st through October 31st).

At Gulph Mills we have the Thor Guard weather warning system for the purpose of notifying golfers in advance of inclement weather moving into the area.  The system is only effective if the proper safety instructions are followed.  One long blast will be heard if there is the potential for lightning within a 5 - 10 mile range, giving golfers and caddies enough warning to evacuate the course or seek shelter.

Evacuation from the golf course is mandatory once the siren has blown.

Please note the Board of Directors and the management of the Club will not jeopardize the safety of the staff.  Staff members have been instructed not to go onto the course to retrieve members who are reluctant to leave the course.  All of our caddies have been advised of this policy, and they are under no obligation to remain on the course even if a member chooses to keep playing.

If you are on the golf course you are directed to seek shelter in the halfway house, the clubhouse or the maintenance building adjacent to the third fairway.

The system will sound three long blasts once it is safe to return to the course.


Gulph Mills has established a fund known as “The Gulph Mills Fund” to accept contributions, bequests, donations and other gifts to provide for the long term economic viability, survival and success of the Club.  The Fund is managed by the Gulph Mills Fund Committee which is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors.  Interested members may contact the Club President or the Club Treasurer for more information.